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Includes 105 Matrices of Core Beliefs as well as the Core Belief Protocol

We all know how much negative ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations influence our thinking, feeling and behavior. They usually arise as aftereffects of trauma. In her early research on AIT, Asha Clinton discovered that many negative ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations that are thematically related, e.g., a group of them concerning abandonment, if they are treated together and transformed into realistic, positive beliefs, lastingly and positively can change a person’s life. She has been compiling these thematic groups of beliefs, called Matrices, since 1998, with some help from other AIT therapists. They are all included in the AIT CORE BELIEF MATRIX BOOK and can be tremendously helpful to any therapist who works on transforming clients’ cognitions and schema.

AIT therapists use the AIT Core Belief Protocol to transform matrices of negative post-traumatic cognitions into healthy realistic ones because the treatment of a group of interrelated cognitions gives far more lasting results than the treatment of just one.



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