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Cancer prevention and treatment Therapists



Lisa Bowker.

Providence, RI

Email: lisa@lisabowker.com
Website: www.lisabowker.com
Phone: 401-261-8337

Certified Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) Practitioner and AIT Basics Teacher

Authentic growth involves healing the wounds that caused choices and experiences that have limited you, and nourishing what never got a chance to grow. AIT was designed to help you do both! I’m passionate about helping clients overcome difficult, chronic issues and embark on the courageous journey of inner transformation. In using AIT with clients over the past 15 years I’ve come to understand that an extraordinary life starts with opening your heart.

Could AIT be the next step in your healing journey? If this approach resonates with you, contact me for a complimentary consultation and see if working together feels right for you.

I’m available to work in person, by phone, and online via Zoom, Doxyme, VSee or Skype.

Consulting Hypnotherapist and Human Givens Therapist (HGI registered, PSA Accredited)
Phone: 07718 607992
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.integrativehypnotherapy.uk
Practice location: Stirling, Scotland, UK

I take an integrative, client-centered, needs-based approach and have been using AIT in conjunction with hypnotherapy and TA since 2010. I trained with Asha Clinton and Vann Joines in the USA. I offer sessions in-person and online, and a free 15-minute initial consultation by phone or online. Please note that I am currently only offering online sessions and will reopen my office when it is safe to do so according to local guidelines on covid-19.

Qualification: Certified AIT practitioner, Human Givens Practitioner (MHGI), PhD in Educational Psychology (concentration in child and adolescent development and disability), certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner (TAP)

Therapeutic modality: AIT, Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnosis, Human Givens Therapy (a solution-focused brief therapy that uses hypnosis), Transactional Analysis.

Clinical areas and client group: Children and adolescents with functional gastrointestinal disorders, adolescents with anxiety, depression or phobias, anxiety in adolescents with special needs (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, Tourette Syndrome), adults with cancer, problems in daily living e.g. smoking, weight, sleep, fears and phobias, school and work-related issues (test anxiety, public speaking, self-confidence, time management), unresolved medical symptoms, pain management.


Linda Bell
Cary, NC
[email protected]
Available in person at her office


Kathy Blough, Psy.S, LLC
SagePoint Institute for Integrative Health



Phone, Zoom, Vsee or FaceTime




Asha Clinton, MSW, PhD

[email protected]

Available by VSee, Skype, and Facetime.




Marilyn Dougall, LCSW

[email protected].

New Orleans, LA and Woodland Park, Colorado

Available by phone, Skype, and FaceTime.



Kambra Meyer

[email protected]

Asheville, North Carolina

Available by Zoom, Facetime and Skype.




Peter Nagel, LMFT, CGP
Asheboro NC 27205 and Pinehurst NC 28374
[email protected]   336-626-5989
Since becoming Certified as an AIT Practitioner, Peter has completed at least eight Advanced AIT Seminars.  Mr. Nagel enjoys assisting adults to heal from past traumas to lead healthy and productive lives while enhancing their relationships.  Peter is an AIT Teacher in Training and hopes to bring AIT Seminars to psychotherapists in the Sandhills and the Piedmont areas of North Carolina.  Mr. Nagel provides AAMFT Approved Supervision to post-graduates who want to improve their clinical skills with adults, couples and families in Pinehurst (910) 235-0900 and Asheboro (336) 626-5989.


William R. Newman
Amesbury, MA

M. Div., Ordained Presbyterian Minister, 39 years, LCSW.
Licensed  Clinical Social Worker, 39 years, D.Min., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, 35 years.

Mal: [email protected]

Available in person on the North Shore of Boston, by telephone or by Zoom, Mend, Chiron, or VSee internet platforms.



TAP (Transactional Analysis Practitioner),
AIT practitioner, teacher & supervisor

Mail: [email protected]
Web: https://qi-congruence.com/


I promote a gentle & caring approach, at client’s own speed. Trauma treatment with AIT has become the main focus of my work, it has been a powerful way to heal clients emotionally, mentally, physically as well as spiritually. My holistic approach to treat traumas is a tailor made and balanced blend of both TA and AIT. My 8 years of experience using both modalities, my Muti-cultural background, my training with highly skilled professionals have shown benefits to clients in treating and resolving issues & traumas such as anxiety, phobias, chronic health conditions and more.

Trained in both France and the USA, I have had the privilege to have trainers
such as Dr Asha Clinton, Dr Vann Joines, Sylvie Nay & Elyane Alleyson.

I am a certified AIT practitioner, teacher & supervisor.

I offer live sessions in my private practice in Montpellier as well as online
sessions and a free initial online consultation.


Joanne Pizzino, MD,

[email protected]

Raleigh, NC

Skype or VSee

Specialties: Integrative medicine; preventive medicine



Gina Verseman, MA LPC
[email protected]

In person and on Zoom