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News of AITI – Nov 2017

November 4th, 2017

As most of you know, there has been a grand reshuffling at AIT—with very good results. We have a new Board of Directors and a new Board president who are already working efficiently and well together to bring AIT into its next stage of development. I’ll introduce them to you in an upcoming AIT NEWS. The new Board’s focus will be not only to spread the news about AIT in the ways we’ve done before, but also to make it more accessible to potential therapists and clients in a number of ways:

To begin with, in early December, we will begin training a new group of AIT teachers who show both talent and promise. I have developed a new, more comprehensive training program that includes critically important training in marketing. This will hopefully prevent our training teachers who, once they are ready to teach, don’t know how to find students. We’ll give our new teachers tools precisely for this purpose. Better yet, prospective teachers will no longer need to pay for travel, hotels, restaurants, and ground transportation in order to receive teacher training. Instead, they will be able to receive AIT Teacher Training in the comfort of their own homes or offices because:


And AIT Teacher Training is not the only kind of AIT teaching that’s going on the Net. Beginning this winter, we are developing a 2-tiered teaching program.  The first tier, “Live and Local,” will have AIT teachers teaching AIT seminars in hubs such as Atlanta or London, like we’ve always done (In AIT, a hub is a geographical location, like Boston or Beijing, where at least one AIT teacher is teaching AIT seminars live and in person.).

Many practitioners prefer live learning. However, we can’t create hubs in rural areas like Truth Or Consequences, NM, for example, or Bloomington, Indiana because there aren’t enough potential practitioners in these smaller locations to support a hub. And some potential hubs are so far away—I’ve had requests for training from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and Malaysia, for example—that traveling to them to teach would be too expensive and take too much time. So, we’ve decided to do the obvious: Film all the AIT seminars and put them on the website as interactive webinars. Potential participants will be screened to make sure they are qualified to take the seminars. With this 2-tier teaching system, more people will be able to get AIT training than ever before, and at less cost to them. They’ll no longer have to travel to the nearest hub which may be 1,000 miles away, and they’ll no longer have to pay for travel, hotel, and restaurants, which often more than doubles their expenses.

I’ll have more news about the AIT Internet Seminars in the coming months. We’re hoping to air the first-ever MAP on the Net in February.

One more thing, in case you haven’t heard: We are opening AIT Basics training to all healing professionals, from energy healers to MDs. Because of the development of the Multicausal Illness Treatment and the Cancer Prevention and Treatment work, we have peaked the interest of a number of Functional MDs. These are alternative MD’s who have known for years that some of the causes of their patients’ illnesses are psychological or spiritual but have not known how to treat these causes. Because of their increasing interest, I have developed a new program which will teach these doctors—and other healing professionals who aren’t psychotherapists—how to treat illness in the AIT way.

I hope you can tell from this first issue of AIT NEWS that the Board and I are filled with the energy of new ideas and directions, and are already working to implement them! We are more than ready to bring AIT into the future. If you would like to help us do this, please contact me at [email protected]. Let’s Talk!

More news next month. Meanwhile, please check the seminar schedule on this website to see where and when you can learn more AIT.

Love and blessings,



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