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Letter for all AIT Teachers

Dear AIT Teachers,

How can we help heal the US and Latin America– and the whole world– of pervasive personal and systemic racism, violence, hatred, inequality, bondage and poverty without treating the tremendous amount of trauma that is its cause? The answer is that we can’t. We have a wonderful Historical Trauma seminar that deals with these issues in a clear,  straightforward and compassionate manner.

We are looking for two AIT teachers, one who can organize things in the US, the other who can set them up in Latin America, so that we can start the healing process that only AIT can do as soon as possible. To do this work is a blessing because PREJUDICE IS A TRAUMA OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

If you are interested in taking charge of one of these areas, please contact me immediately by email. If you don’t volunteer, we may not be able to make this happen everywhere it needs to happen.

Many thanks in advance for your saying yes,
Asha Clinton
June 2020