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AITI in Guatemala


A group of experienced AIT Therapists, with the help of Caritas Archdiocesan Foundation started travelling to Alotenango, in Guatemala, to help and support survivors from the volcano tragedy.

Since the first eruption of Volcán de Fuego, this group of therapists are providing direct clinical attention to people that suffered trauma were needed.

A lot of people lost family members, their homes, their land, and their jobs. With AIT therapy, they can deal with this difficult situation in a better way.

AITI Teacher Flor de Maria Palencia, with other AIT therapists, will teach AIT Therapy for crisis intervention and trauma treatment. This program will be opened for volunteers interested in helping.

We need you help, it’s a difficult time and many Guatemalan people need assistance. If you want to help, please reach out.

What we need:
* Funds for our volunteer’s food and transportation, and hotel if necessary.
* Materials to work whit the survivors: pencils, crayons, paper.
* Studying materials for the AITI Humantiarian Aid Project and Seminars (notebooks, pens and pencils, funds for printing manuals, etc.)
* Available places for the AIT Seminars.



Facts about the Guatemalan Crisis:
* More than 1.7 million of people were affected by the eruption of Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego on June 3, 2018, as well as some smaller subsequent eruptions.
* It was the most severe volcanic eruption in 45 years. The volcano is 27 miles southwest of Guatemala City.
* There’s more than 100 dead and more than 190 people missing.
* At the moment, Volcan de Fuego is active and unpredictable. The eruptions and it´s pyroclastic clouds have covered and destroyed roads and bridges.
* More than 4,000 people were evacuated. More than 1,600 are in shelters.


You can help. How?
Visit our page in GOFUNDME  and DONATE.
It’s easy. And any donation can help this work.
Thank you.