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Any obstacles to our healing potential?

“Before you heal someone, ask them if they are willing to give up the things that make them sick.” Hippocrates

As I read this Hippocrates quote, I thought of all the limiting and dysfunctional beliefs that an individual could have at the conscious level, as well as at the unconscious level about his or her healing potential.

We now know that such beliefs about ourselves, others, the world, life are caused by deep and often very early traumas.

The individual will repeat a traumatic pattern over and over again so that each new traumatic episode confirms and reinforces these beliefs.

To break this self-reinforcing spiral, and to help the individual abandon the things that block his or her potential for self-healing and self-regulation, AIT has developed a protocol. The Covenant.  It is a contract between the conscious and unconscious of the person to permanently dissolve & eliminate the beliefs that block his or her potential.

The Covenant is generally used at the beginning of treatment / therapy to ensure that the person’s underlying unconscious beliefs about his or her ability to Heal and Transform are positive before starting the therapeutic process.

Freed from negative beliefs and with deep-rooted positive beliefs, the person can calmly begin his therapeutic process by traumatic theme without the risk of unconscious sabotage.

You can learn the Covenant and how to administer it to your clients by taking the “AIT Basics” training seminar. IFPEC proposes a session in mid-September. There is very little space left. Book yours now by clicking on the link below: www.qi-congruence.com

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Author: François Rey
AIT Practitioner, Teacher, & supervisor. France.