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AITI: Building peace and equality

AITI: Building peace and equality.

The Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute and its practitioners and teachers all over the world deeply deplore prejudice and the violence that too often comes with it. We are overcome with grief and horror at George Floyd’s murder, another in a series of murders of black men by white police. Each of these murders is a horrendous atrocity, especially when the police are deemed innocent. But the demonstrations all over the world, all of them responses not just to Floyd’s murder, but to all situations of intolerance, have made it clear that millions of people worldwide have had more than enough of racism, religious intolerance, gender discrimination, class bias– in short, every kind of bigotry.

To transform our planet, we must work together to end violence and build peace. We must right the wrongs of prejudice and inequality so that every human being comes to understand that we are all equal, and that the idea that some of us are better or worse than others is simply a delusion. At AITI, we stand ready to treat the hatred, violence and prejudice that some people suffer from as the disease they are, and we want to treat the traumatic scars that prejudice has already caused others. We have tools that will help. Please join us in building peace and equality in this sorry world.

With love to all,
Asha Clinton, MSW, PhD and all AITI Board Members
June, 2020