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Case Studies #3



From the AIT perspective, babies experience their parents as part of the unity into which they are born. They consequently experience the universe or God as acting hurtfully or abusively if their parents do so because they project their parents’ negative qualities and actions onto the Divine. This was the case with Vanessa, 46, who came into therapy to heal her inability to connect with the masculine Divine. She had grown up going to weekly church services and from an early age had been devoted to the Virgin Mary. However, she felt little connection either to Jesus or to God. As a young adult she had developed deep relationships with the triune goddess as well as Isis and Kwan Yin. In time she came to feel that although her connection with the Divine feminine was wonderful, her spirituality was out of balance.

After the Covenant, muscle testing indicated that Vanessa’s early experience of her father had blocked her relationship to the masculine Divine. When I asked about her father, Vanessa told me that he had been a distant figure in her life who spent long hours at work supporting his large family. When he was home, he either lay on the couch drinking beer and watching TV or harshly judged the activities of his seven children. Angry, silent withdrawal often followed judgment. Vanessa remembered his once not speaking to her for a week.

I muscle tested her to see whether there were other Originating Traumata that had caused her distance from the masculine Divine, and there was one that we would discover later. We treated her issue with the Paternal Projections on the Divine Protocol, which removes negative father projections from the client’s experience of the Divine. Following the steps of the protocol, I asked her first what was problematic for her about the masculine Divine. She talked about the harsh Old Testament God, his distance, his lack of caring for her and everyone else, his wrath and vengefulness, and his lack of compassion. She said he played with people as if we were the rats in his lab.

Next, I asked about her father’s problematic qualities. There was a pause as she felt this through, and then a flash of surprise and recognition in her eyes. “They are the same as God’s,” she exclaimed and added, “I’ve projected the worst of my father on God.” In two sessions we energetically treated all her negative experiences of her father as Originating Traumata. We treated her projective negative experiences of the Judeo-Christian God as Initiating Traumata during the next session. In the fourth session we treated all the connections between her negative experiences of her father and God. Then I sent Vanessa home with the suggestion that she try a spiritual experience that would involve masculine divinity before our next session.

She was smiling softly when we next sat down together. “I knew I couldn’t go back to my old church,” she said. “Too many bad memories. So I went with my sister Jill to the church she goes to. Sunlight was shining through the stained glass right onto Jesus, and I felt his love pouring right into me. It was awesome. No anger or vengeance; just love.”


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