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Teacher Training 2022


Starting date: August 12, 2022.

Final date: December 9, 2022.
Teacher: Ruth Córdova. AIT Teacher and Supervisor.
Email: [email protected]


The Teacher Training Program focuses on teaching specifically AIT with the Skilled-Based method developed by Tony Roffers. We will go through the Basics manual, learn how to explain the theory, do demos, use practice to learn more, teach from the Center, and handle difficult situations within the classroom. Additionally, student will receive more tools that go beyond the Basics training, we will talk about AITI´s policies, free talks to get more students, Fundamentals AIT for humanitarian aid, and more.

After taking the Teacher Training and fulfilling all other requirements, you will be able to:
* Teach The Basics Seminar
* Teach Fundamentals for humanitarian aid
* Help train other teachers during Basics Seminars
* Give free talks about AIT to get students and promote your seminars
* Have practice sessions for students who have taken Basics (not supervision)
* Be listed on the AIT website as a certified practitioner and Teacher
* Move on to becoming a MAP Teacher


Session 1: 8/12
Introduction and arranging groups/partners for practice sessions
Review of requirements to become an AIT Teacher
Review of new AIT Basics Manual
New Muscle Testing protocol

Session 2: 8/26
Q&A about AIT Basics Manual
Skill Based Training document, review and discuss together
How to give feedback in AIT
Supervising Trainers during Basics
How to Demonstrate a Protocol

Session 3: 9/9
Each participant will have 15min to present to the group a protocol or theoretical part of the manual. Feedback.

Session 4: 9/23
Review of AIT Basics Manual: Energy Anatomy (energy centers) and The Structure of the Human Being
Definitions and possible questions during Basics Seminar

Session 5: 10/7
Each participant will have 15min to present The Structure of the Human Being, and group will give feedback

Session 6: 10/21
Review Basics Schedule and possible scenarios where you need to make changes
Team work with teachers and trainers (organization tips, time management, materials you need, etc.)
Organizing my your own AIT Basics Seminar, making a budget, and payment to AITI
How to get students, support AITI will give you. Review free AIT talk ppt.

Session 7: 11/4
Center Based Teaching
Spiritual preparations for the Teacher, the teaching team and the space.

Session 8: 11/18
Each participant will have 15min to present, using Center Based Teaching, and group will give feedback.

Session 9: 12/2
AIT Humanitarian Aid Program
Review of AIT Fundamentals Seminar Manual and ppt
How and when to use AIT Fundamentals

Session 10: 12/9
Present your plan to the group
Q&A if necessary
Review of Requirements to Teach and next Steps after Teacher Training.


Total cost: 500US$
Each class: 50US$

You can apply here:







“I took the Teachers Training with Ruth Cordova. The course is a very well and easy way to follow, the information is presented in a logical and sequential way that let you learn how to present AIT to others, there is a lot material and information that is shared that leaves you ready to start teaching after the course. The way Ruth presentes it, despite it was on line, felt always accompanied and encourage to engage with the practice and participation in a sensitive way of individual needs. I could see her honesty and inclusion in practice. I do strongly recommend it.”

Gladys de Gonzalez

AIT Practitioner and Teacher

Ruth is a wonderful AIT teacher. She is patient, thoughtful and well prepared. Ruth made the Basics AIT teacher training interesting and responded to all the questions I had. I feel confident conducting a course on my own because she provided all the necessary tools and described all the steps very clearly. I would highly recommend her as a teacher to others.

Diana Forno, MD
AIT Practitioner and Teacher